Key Issues

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Healthcare for All


Housing and Homelessness


Strengthen Public Education


Eliminate Corporate Influence in Politics

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Climate Change


Infrastructure and Traffic

​Healthcare for All

  • Establish Universal Healthcare 

    • 70% of U.S. adults support Single-payer healthcare. 

    • 28 million Americans did not have healthcare at any point in 2020.

    • A national healthcare system will unburden thousands of small businesses that are saddled with high healthcare payments

    • We support CalCare AB 1400

  • Lowering Healthcare Costs  

    • Americans spend 50-80% more on prescription drugs compared to other developed nations with universal healthcare 

    • A national health care system has greater buying power and can lead to lower prices for drugs, medical equipment, and administrative expenses

    • Stronger wages for nurses

Housing and Homelessness 

  • Provide transitional and permanent supportive housing for the homeless

  • Take preventative action and provide mental health, social, educational and employment assistance services to develop independent living skills 

  • Convert vacant buildings into emergency use facilities - food, shelter, drug and mental support for homeless

Strengthen Public Education 

  • Stronger Wages for Teachers 

  • Tuition-Free Public College for Californians 

  • Increase Investments for K-12 and Trade Schools

  • Expand Apprenticeship Opportunities

Eliminate Corporate Influence in Politics

  • Banning Corporate Contributions to Political Campaigns

  • Make Election Day a National Holiday to Encourage Voter Participation

  • Cap Individual Donations at $1,000.00

Climate Change

  • End reliance on traditional energy sources such as fossil fuels by replacing them with renewable energy sources 

  • Support fossil fuel workers by providing workforce development and training to transition them to green jobs with increased compensation and benefits

  • Support the Green New Deal

  • Reduce the consumption of single-use plastics

Infrastructure and Traffic

  • Reprioritize state dollars for rail and transit infrastructure expansion and accessibility

  • Invest in autonomous vehicles to decrease traffic and accidents

  • Repair roads, bridges and water system infrastructure